Benefits of Construction Management Software


Aug 2, 2018

I have been working in the construction industry for over thirty years and have helped many clients through my business: Quest Construction Software. As the director of a construction software company I always have business owners or employees asking what we can ...

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Understanding WIP Accounting for Construction

WIP Accounting

July 10, 2018

In some cases, it is simple to determine the timing for Revenues Earned, once ownership of a product is transferred or a service is complete, revenue is considered to have been earned. But if revenue recognition is delayed until the end of a long term contract, the Matching Principle of ...

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The Most Valuable Report on a Contractor’s Desk


June 5, 2018

If you don’t recognise the term WIP, join the crowd. Work In Progress confuses most contractors – mainly because it was originally used by accountants and bankers as a financial instrument for the manufacturing sector. But due to increased complexity in construction law and project risks contractors need ...

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Managing Financial Control Through the Project Lifecycle

Financial Control

May 9, 2018

How do some construction companies manage financial control throughout the project life cycle when others struggle to understand profitability once the dust settle ?

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Is your business managing variations effectively?


April 14, 2018

Variations management comes in different forms but the criticalness of getting paid or confirming payment, appropriated correctly, is a crucial function for contractors. From my experience working in construction management ...

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