Current Version: ProContractor 3.13 General Release

ProContractor by Viewpoint version 3.13 is now available. ProContractor 3.13 helps you manage the entire project life cycle from bid to cash in a single solution to collaborate easily and make decisions with confidence.

Quest encourages all users to review the full version of the ProContractor 3.13 Release Notes

New ProContractor™ Features:


  • ProContractor now supports the ability to move an open tab into a new window. This allows you to use dual monitors, or ALT+TAB, to access different tasks and information in ProContractor at the same time
  • To open an existing tab as a new window, click and drag the tab outside the ProContractor window. You can continue to work in the new window. When you close the main ProContractor window, the secondary window closes automatically


  • Copy to Multiple: In Estimating, you can now copy items to multiple destination catalogues or estimates.
  • Folder on Sheet Tab: It is now possible to create multiple folders on the Sheets tab of Manage Estimates. These folders allow you to organise drawings more effectively.


  • New user settings implemented on the User screen to restrict the ability to delete binders.


  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard is no longer supported: - Viewpoint recommends upgrading to at least SQL Server 2014.
  • Windows Server 2019: now supported by ProContractor.